Kotenko R.M.

Kotenko R.M.

PhD  Department of Hotel, Restaurant and Resot Business, Faculty of Tourism,

Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University,


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Ukrainian, married, born in 1983.

Languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian.

Interests: travel, nature, cooking


Secondary education: Ivano-Frankivsk secondary school (1990-1998).

Higher Education : Kyiv university of tourism, economic and law (2005).

Qualification: Master of Management of Organizations, specialty – “Management of Organizations”, specialization “Tourism Management”. Diploma KV № 26355870 dated 30.06.2005.

Graduate work: “Formation of regional markets for recreational and tourist services in the Carpathian region.” Supervisor – doctor of Economics, Professor Stechenko D. N.

Postgraduate studies (correspondence) at “Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University”, specialized academic council of the Institute of History, Political Science and International Relations.

PhD dissertation (“Tourist and excursion business in Prykarpattia in the 70-80s of the XX century”; Principal Supervisor – Boris P. Savchuk, PhD, Professor.

Degree awarded the decision of the Certifying Board of MES Ukraine (Diploma control number 017541 from 21.11.2013 g.).

Academic titles:

– Associate Professor of Hotel and Restaurant and Resort Affairs (certificate 12 DC, № 046308; decision of the Certification Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine from 25.02.2016; protocol № 1/02-D);


Research interests:

  • history of tourist and excursion business;
  • innovative technologies of hotel management;
  • Corporate culture in tourism and hospitality;
  • regional management of the tourist and recreational complex.

The total number of printed works is 37,including:

  • 1 monograph (author and co-author);
  • 20 publications in professional publications of Ukraine;
  • 7 educational and methodical works;
  • 7 other scientific works;
  • 2 copyright certificates for the work.

Teaching experience since 2005 (last 5 years):

  • Organization of the hotel industry (2015 – present);

Syllabus of subjects

  • Organization of the hotel industry.

Scientific and professional experience:


Participation in research topics of the department:

«Tourism and recreational resources of Ivano-Frankivsk region.” State registration number – 0117U004531, deadline – 2017-2022.

Internship (advanced training) (last 5 years):

– Lviv University of Trade and Economics, Reference № 72/16 dated 22.11.2017.

E-mail: mail@pnu.edu.ua

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Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University